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Organic Mate

Meta Mate Organic is proud to share a fresh, self-harvested, and organic mate. Our mate comes from 100% forest origins and is smoke-dried using wood from the yerba mate plant in the traditional manner. Each batch comes from a single person's hands, delivering the finest mate available. You'll also enjoy a great energy boost thanks to the caffeine, as well as the full range of tea antioxidants and the euphoric experience of chocolate Cheobromine.

Meta Mate Organic was born from a group of friends and farmers in south Brazil who enjoyed mate in their youth. We came together to get the most out of the leaves using a purely organic method and the best farming practices to produce delicious, rich mate. Our Meta Mate is a stimulating, organic mate that enhances mood and is loaded with antioxidants and minerals. We are proud to put more than 30 years of experience to work every day; and since 2011, we've made it our mission to spread the culture of drinking mate tea around the world. In doing so, we support sustainable harvesting practices and provide drinkers with the best mate possible.

The Meta Mate Difference:

  • Fresh & Wild Handmade Mate Harvested In-Season
  • Sustainable Industrial Alternatives
  • Transparent Origins & Open Source Philosophy


Mate Artisans

Enjoy Rich, Delicious Mate Alone or As a Social Experience

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Little Girl and Mate

Experience the Ritual of Traditional Mate Drinking

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Choose Mate for the Benefits of Tea & the Kick of Coffee

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