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Meta Mate 23

Meta Mate 23

Meta Mate 23 was developed after a year of extensive research together with the  Beuthe University in Berlin, where different mates were analyzed for their chemical composition and subjected towards sensory tests. It combines the Brazilian erva mate freshness with the Argentinean yerba mate easy to use leafy form.

This Mate has a mild slightly bitter taste.  It’s leafy cut lends to easy preparation with a gourd and mate straw for novices and it combines well with other intense artisanal mates.  Due to its vacuum package and consequent freshness this mate has a higher antioxidant capacity than standard leafy Mates.

This organic certified, leafy, fresh mate from Brazil has a mild taste which makes it ideal for Mate novices or those wishing to enjoy a refreshing energizing drink. It is ideal for Terere preparations (consumed cold and combined at times with juices) as well as hot mates, and can be consumed as a tea or in the traditional way.
23 combines perfectly hot or cold with our 2 in 1 Thermo Glass.

Its bright green color and fresh aromas are highly praised by both new and old Mate drinkers as well as those working with Yerba Mate, like Yerba Mate Bulgaria who have been selling mate for 14 years and claim that Meta Mate 23 is their best product ever.

23 is considered an auspicious number that attracts synchronicity and is a code for those who believe there are no coincidences.  It alludes to the maragatos revolution of 1923 against the chimangos.

Meta Mate 23 LabelMeta Mate choose Barao Ltda to produce this mate after it showed the best results in our Master Study on Mate quality in Germany. IT  is sourced from selected forests, it is certified organic by EcoCert.
By vacuum packing the artisanal mate products from Family Gehm and Tolloti, Barao is helping Meta Mate’s efforts to recognize the value of traditional, small-scale production. This added-value brings sustainability and better ecological footprints to rural areas.

Meta Mate 42 Roasted

This leafy roasted mate from Brazil has a maltier taste than traditional green Mates, with a nutty flavor which makes its an ideal coffee substitute.  Roasted in a manner similar to coffee, this Mate yields an flavorful drink providing energy without  jitteriness.  It has a toasty, comforting chicory note that combines well with milk and sugar as well.

This Mate can be enjoyed warm as a coffee substitute, either black or sweetened with milk and sugar.

AS COFFEE SUBSTITUTE: If using a French press, use 2 Tbs Mate with 1L boiling water and let it infuse for 2-5 minutes. We recommend grinding this mate in a coffee grinder when using it in an espresso machine or filter in order to intensify the flavor. The Mateccino at Cafe 60 Degrees in Berlin, Friedrichshain is gaining fans who also purchase the mate to make at home.

Roasted mate served iced and sweet is loved on Rio's beaches.

Alternatively it is popular as a refreshing summer drink on the beaches in Brazil, sweetened and chilled. Be inspired by the DIY culture and make your own Mate Brause at home with this mate.

Meta Mate 42 Roasted

This mate is industrially produced for us, we have visited the plantation and production facilities and can guarantee that it is free from pesticides and is dried in the highest of hygienic standards. It is certified Organic by EcoCert.

Meta Mate Raw

Meta Mate Raw

Ideal for new mate drinkers, or those looking for the maximum health benefits from mate.  The low temperature procedure used to dry this mate preserves the nutrients and creates a gentle herbal tasting mate that appeals to tea drinkers as well.  Also suitable for using as a booster in other drinks and foods.

Meta Mate Raw is hand plucked from forests protected from contamination, frozen to avoid oxidation and dried in very low, controlled temperatures.  This fiber-cut is a novelty that Meta Mate is bringing on the market.  It has a gentle, smooth flavor and an earthy fragrance and is unlike standard Argentinean stored or Brazilian grassy mates.

Due to its unique processing method, this Mate is known as the edible mate and can be sprinkled on your favorite salad or mixed together with student-futter to energize your meals.  This Mate can also be prepared as a traditional tea and has a light algae-like taste to it and lends itself to easy cuia and bomba preparation, however, a true chimarrao drinker might prefer it’s edible capacities.

Our Raw Mate stems from planted protected forests in the Santa Catarina region, where they grow in a spacious agroflorestal environment under the shade of other native trees. Sr Clovis, the property owner has an extensive knowledge for artisanal Mate production; and cares well for the condition of his trees.

The Mate pluckers are carefully trained to pluck only healthy leaves aged between 6 months and 1 year from the trees. This careful hand selection of the Mate leaves is inspired by the Asian tea pluckers and is unknown in the Mate industry, where branches and leaves are cut The extensive care and screening that is given to the processing of this Mate is unlike any other.
As this mate is not heated hygiene is very important, the leaves are washed extensively, something unheard of in normal mate production.

After  arriving at the production facilities, the leaves are once again individually examined in sterile surroundings for minor signs of contamination. at this stage about 5% of the leaves are sorted out. The Mate is then rinsed with energized something that is also unique in comparison to other Mates, where the leaves are never washed during the production process.
The moist Mate is then packed in bags, weighed and put in a centrifugal machine to remove the excess water and  is then frozen.

Putting to freeze. The Mate is then processed and dried with a smoke-free indirect heat at temperatures below 45°C
As extensive hand work is involved in the processing of this Mate, the production is limited to 8kg / day or 160kg a month as production takes place 20 days a month.  As the harvesting process involves only the plucking of individual leaves we are able to harvest and produce this mate throughout the years without harming the Mate trees.

Each individual leaf of the mate is screened, damaged leaves are rejected.

Craft Mate

This Mate will be harvested during the January 2017 full moon by the Family Gehm with Fabricio Gipsy Uru participation. The Gehm have been producing mate since 3 generations in the region of Sede Nova in South Brazil. They are proud artisanal mate producers who have taken the first steps towards legalizing their production together with us. There is a new Barbacua designed by Ricardo and it might be the first legal made craft production in Brazil. We are taking back orders for this.

Meta Mate Prada, produced by the family Gehm is a surprisingly soft Barbaqua Mate. Having mastered the techniques of harvesting leaves in a manner that does not damage the tree, like other artisanal producers, they harvest from native plants paying attention to the moon phases.

When requested by the local agricultural department to modify their production techniques to adhere to industrial standards, the father heard what was requested and stated that if he did what he was told he would be left with a legal mate that none of his customers would like to drink.

Drying and Sapeco techniques are something that mate producers pride themselves in and give each mate its own characteristic. The Family Gehm’s production and infrastructure is slightly larger than other artisanal producers, the Sapeco is done manually with the help of a metal drum that is revolved around the fire and the Gehm’s Barbaqua can hold a few hundred kilos of Mate. The Gehm’s secret in attaining the soft taste to their mate lies in lighting up the fire and heating up the barbaqua before setting the mate on the drying racks.

Craft Mate (Seasonal Harvest)

Our passion lies in supporting the small-scale production of handmade wild mate from families in resistance who harvest and produce meta mate for their own consumption and sustenance. This mate is produced in the correct season under the full moon in a traditional way since generations.  As opposed to industrial mates where the leaves are harvested by workers, dried in factories and consumed by others the families who harvest our craft Mate are holding onto a tradition that is endangered.  With your purchase of these products you are contributing towards supporting the bio-diversity and craftsmanship of producing Mate.

Citrus Character


Take a trip to the tropics with this awakening blend of yerba mate and citrus. The perfect swap for your morning coffee, with no tannins and more antioxidants than green tea.

Tasting Notes:  Yerba mate with fresh, tingly grapefruit and herbal body.

Try cold-brewing too:  Infuse in iced water for 10 minutes and add zest for a delicious long drink for a hot day. Yerba mate will reinfuse several times hot or cold.

Contains caffeine.



A supercharged mint tea to give your palate, mood and metabolism a lift. Refresh your taste buds and clear your head with this bright, cleansing take on yerba mate.

Ingredients:  Yerba mate, peppermint, lemon verbena and garden mint essential oil.

Tasting Notes:  Mate with creamy, pungent menthol and top notes of verbena.

Try cold-brewing too:  Infuse in iced water for 10 minutes and add fresh mint leaves for a delicious long drink for a hot day. Mate will reinfuse several times hot or cold.

Contains Caffeine:  As much lift as a cup of coffee


Mint Character

Spice Character


Feel nourished and energised by this blend of yerba mate with a kick of warming, chai-like spices. A delicious way to beat the mid-afternoon slump, or battle a cold.

Ingredients:  Yerba mate, ginger, cardamom, turmeric and chilli.

Tasting Notes:  Mate with aromatic cardamom and spicy ginger.

Contains Caffeine:  As much lift as a cup of coffee.



Try the real thing, pure and unadulterated. Organic, premium-grade seasoned mate. With no tannins, more antioxidants than green tea and all the kick of coffee.

Ingredients:  Yerba mate.

Tasting Notes:  Robust herbal, grassy notes with deep body.

Try cold-brewing too:  To make ‘tereré’, Paraguay’s national drink – infuse in iced water for 10 minutes and add fresh ingredients of your choice for a delicious long drink for a hot day. Mate will reinfuse several times hot or cold.

Contains Caffeine:  As much lift as a cup of coffee


Pure Character

Rewind Character


Find some peace with this soothing and delicate infusion of green rooibos with laid-back botanicals for a restful mind and body.

Ingredients:  Green rooibos, chamomile, lavender, elderflower and hops.

Tasting Notes:  Clean, aromatic and botanical, with a hoppy finish.

Naturally Caffeine Free.



Relaxing and restorative. Kick your shoes off and feel yourself again with this beguiling blend of the rich body of red rooibos with delicious chocolate and a tart edge.

Ingredients:  Red rooibos, hibiscus, green rooibos, cacao shells, vanilla pod and liquorice.

Tasting Notes:  Rich and chocolatey, with berry-like top notes.

Naturally Caffeine Free.


Restore Character